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Scrying allows the user to locate exertions of nature-based magical energy. Scrying works in real-time, so someone attempting to locate a magic-user may have to consult their scrying bowl multiple times and/or wait for magic to be used before the scrying bowl becomes useful.


The contents of a scrying bowl will ripple or surge (depending on the material) in the direction of a natural-magic surge. The intensity of the ripple/surge will differ based on the amount of power exerted and/or amount of damage done by the natural magic you're attempting to locate.


In order to scry, one must have a bowl of water, sand, or (if one is brave or foolish enough) flaming coals. The element must be attuned to the natural magic around it in order to react as desired, but the effects of this attunement are permanent (except in the case of fire).   Scrying is powered by nature-based magic.

Material Components
A bowl of sand, water, or flaming coals.
Related School
Related Element
Water, earth, fire
Effect Duration
Effect Casting Time
10-30 minutes, depending on the experience of the attuning magician
50 miles

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