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Havanir Academy of Central Teraco


Because the academy is run by Havanir faculty, it aims to encourage a peaceful atmosphere within its ranks and a passion for peace-making in its students. As such, all disagreements are promptly taken to an overseer so that they can be mediated and sorted through in a more peaceful manner. If students cannot sort through a disagreement, they are separated in their studies. Any students who show a habit of stirring up trouble are asked to curb these habits or else are expelled.   The Havanir academy is primarily an open academy, providing resources and supervision for students to learn and explore what topics interest them, all at their own pace. The faculty do host official classes, but attendance is purely voluntary.   Peaceful discussions and debates are heavily encouraged, and students are encouraged to explore many points of view so that they might understand those around them and will be better equipped to keep peace with their neighbors.   While the academy isn't intended as a boarding school, it does have two small dormitories for students who may not have anywhere else to go, and open-to-the-public meals are provided in the morning and afternoon.

Public Agenda

The aim of the Havanir academy is to promote education and knowledge, both academically and socially. They strive to nurture an environment in which students are trained to create a community of peace and understanding.


The faculty is made up of Havanir, but students of all religious persuasions are welcomed.

Foreign Relations

While the Teraki government has no strong affection for places of public education, they allow the Havanir academy to continue operating due to its positive impact on the community around it.

Educational, School/Academy
Parent Organization
The Order of Cimber
Teraco (Capital)
Related Ethnicities

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