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Basic Information


Esteria is a perennial bulb with a long, smooth stalk about half an inch in diameter. The blooms generally have 5-6 silky petals, and blooms can vary in color from white to deep burgundy. Esteria leaves are long, narrow, and waxy.

Growth Rate & Stages

Esteria blooms within two months of planting, and the bloom lasts for a week before fading until the next year.

Ecology and Habitats

Esteria primarily grows in sub-tropical climates, though it can survive in temperate regions. Full sunlight is ideal for growth.

Additional Information


Esteria blooms last up to three times longer when they're well cared for in a vase than when they're left to their own devices, so many admirers of the flower clip their flowers shortly after they bloom and keep them in vases instead of the ground.

Uses, Products & Exploitation

Esteria is kept for its aesthetic appeal, and the burgundy blooms in particular are kept to attract Gossalu's favor.

Geographic Origin and Distribution

Esteria is found mainly in Virilia and its surrounding islands, but is also found in the Naftin Archipelago and in parts of Sachara.  
100+ years
Average Height
15-35 inches
Geographic Distribution

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