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Depthopolis, (Not Totally Canon)

~200-250 C.Op.

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Depthopolis is an interdimensional melting pot of multiple species, cultures, ideologies, and laws of physics, which is all encompassed into one city, inside a dimension encapsulated in a crystal structure.   Depthopolis now spans two story ideas, Dragon's Breathe and S.P.A.R.K The two are both intertwined with one another but having mostly separate conflicts.  
Dragon's Breathe
A story set on telling the Tale of the Pneumatic's mission to negate the Outlander's attacks that have started to plague the city. along with tackling their newly discovered situation.  
Spark, however, features a young and upcoming reporter who lives in Depthopolis that meets two Pneumatics early on. Two Pneumatics that were kicked from service. In the story, our reporter, Spark, tries to find a way to defend the city against an upcoming foreign military invasion.