Main Character (Charlie)

Second Lieutenant Rose Casserres (a.k.a. Charlie, Flower)

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Small and fast, is strong but not extremely obvious. She's short but beautiful, she is never missed when she enters a room since she has a presence.

Body Features

white, light freckles in summer (very hard to see), scars (two scars on her right leg on lower part across the leg, ring looking on left hand, left shoulder to right hip on back, cutting scars on left arm),

Facial Features

beautiful, scar from eye to chin, light freckles on face

Identifying Characteristics

Rose birthmark on left ankle

Physical quirks

Right handed, very straight back, graceful

Special abilities

Able to tell self vs real without attacking (just a feeling)

Specialized Equipment

Machete on left leg, dagger in left boot, hand gun on right leg, belt (ammo, throwing knives, baton), dagger across back(lower), necklace with hollow crystals (each has something inside them), a hair pin in hair (sometimes), sniper rifle across back (sometimes), and hidden blade.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Rose was a spoiled, wealthy child. After her family was murdered and her estate burnt down she lived on the streets. From a simple street rat as a kid to a hooker as a teen she was saved by a random guy who said she should join the military.


Well educated in philosophy, military training, sciences, math, and psychology.


Was a student as a kid, became a street rat, then a prostate, finally ending in the military.

Accomplishments & Achievements


went up in ranking really quickly to her ranking now


Get a medal, not a very important on though

Failures & Embarrassments


Show spoiler
Failed to save Coraline's life


She will not talk about her "work" before being in the military

Mental Trauma

PTSD, Depression

Personality Characteristics


Survival, help others, honouring the dead

Savvies & Ineptitudes

Good fighter and sweet talker

Likes & Dislikes

likes reading alone, dislikes loud noises

Virtues & Personality perks

kind, smart, fast, strong fighter, strong willed,

Vices & Personality flaws

hot headed, stubborn, reckless, authority issues,

Personality Quirks

squeezes arm when nervous, always leaning on one foot,


Social Aptitude

Well mannered in public areas, sweet talker, appears cocky and calm; Little mannered in private, rarely speaks, is shy and on edge

Hobbies & Pets

a german shepherd(later), practicing fighting


says sh when saying s, th. (in battle). smooth, calm voice that "sounds like honey" with no speak issues (public)

Wealth & Financial state

Once rich she would spend it on pets and cloths, now that she has military pay she mostly uses it to buy food and books.

Honorary & Occupational Titles
Lady of family Casserres, Duchess (second cousin once removed to queen of england)
Year of Birth
2000 20 Years old
Circumstances of Birth
She gained the "divine blood" trait from her mother
Biological Sex
Baby blue
blonde, short in military "arc"
Skin Tone
light tanned colour
95 Ibs
Quotes & Catchphrases

*silent glare*

deep sigh

Aligned Organization
The National Protection Task Force
Known Languages
english, Spanish, greek (ancient and current), Latin, and German.

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