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Avo (A-voh)

Captain Avo Erillian (a.k.a. Cap)

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

She has, after many years in the company of bad people and a hard life at sea, become rough around the edges. With multiple scars and a wooden prosthetic leg she looks a bit rugged and unrefined.   Her prosthetic leg is made of polished wood with an intricate carved design. New motifs are added every time they find a new treasure, an island or something important happens amongst the crew.   She likes to adorn herself with jewlery. Wristbands, necklaces and a lot of rings. Rings on her fingers, in her ears, in the clothes she wears. Many of them are trophies from battles, new harbors or sunken treasure.   Avo has multiple tattoos. One of her most important and valued is a compass. It sits on the back of her right hand, and it moves, just like an actual physical compass. It has helped her and her crew many times. Other tattoos are: the crest of her home port.

Mental characteristics

Gender Identity





She finally managed to buy her own ship, making her a captain.

Personality Characteristics


She wants to be known long after her death. She wishes that her stories will be told to children all over the globe, that they gain an almost legendary or mythical clang.


Contacts & Relations

Her crew mates are worth her life, all of them.

Religious Views

The Sea Gods are very, very important to her. She always carries a small flask of sea water to have them at her side, especially when on land. Since she first stepped on a boat she has never gone far from the shore. A permanent altar for the gods has been set up in the ship, and she goes there every day.
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Captain of the Blue Eye
36 years old
Current Residence
Her ship the Blue Eye
Dimly blue, squinty
Below shoulder length, dark grey ruffy hair
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Tan with rough skin
161 cm
Known Languages
She knows Common and the Words of the Rascals
Appears in...

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Character Portrait image: by Agnes Eriksson


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