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Dark Times

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Beyond the oceans brews a battle, beyond the battle innocent blood shall fall. In the horizon the dead riders with dead horses speed to war, mounstros men and men-like monsters speed to war, bringing sweet destruction to everything.   During one hundred years the Dark Lord has waited for a suitable human vessel, during one hundred years the necromancers had plotted and scheme from the darkness to weaken the kingdoms, what kingdoms you ask? All of them!   From the feudal lordship of the Edekhans, sowing disent and pooverty in the Polis of the plutocratic Elesh, spreading diseases in the far east to crush the Sword of the East, and boiling the Otherseas and its underwater cities to lure ancient evils of the deeps of the oceans.   One hundred years the world has endured such pains, and when the time comes finally the Dark Lord Indra comes to consume the world.   Gather around for this long tale of a war that will engulf the world, see it brew because those one hundred years of carefull preparations are just starting, the tale of the Dark Lord who will rule from pole to pole, and west to east.   Speed now! Speed to war and horror Speed to battle - Speed to die Hasten, for there's no tomorrow The future's merely another lie Come to figth the final fight!