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Ailer Wine

A fruit native to the Temperate Easter coast of Daric and grown mostly in Northern Corico and Lugola. When fully ripened, tends to ferment quickly and thus typically made into wine.

Mechanics & Inner Workings

All the below is unknown to the late medieval society of Darci until after the time Micro-biology is discovered:   Ailer Barries, from which Ailer wine is made, share a symbiotic relationship with the Yeast fungi. By being a host, Ailers make the organisms responsible for spreading their seeds send to keep the seeds close but not too close when they are defecated. This works fine for Ailer Bushes, which is adapted to goring in dense colonies and hedges.   Ailer seeds contain a sample colony of the yeast from its "Mother plant", allowing it to be pre-inoculated when it begins to bear fruit. The stem from which the fruit grows is primed to scratch the colony pocket when it detaches, allowing the yeast to begin to do its work. Within a day, the juices in the fruit begin to ferment, making the fruit slightly alcoholic.

Manufacturing process

The growth of Ailer Berries


Ailer Wine is a prehistoric product with a history reaching back to before the age of humanity, with Elven writings hinting that it, or something much like it, was drunk by the elves and even the Dwarves.


Many In the region it is grown to see it as one of the symbols of their culture. Sharing of Ailer wine is common at dinners and meetings is common and its absence is seen as a Fau pau or even a sign of ill intent from the host.
Item type
Consumable, Food / Drink
The wine is available for months once fermentation is finished and if kept in a quality container, can keep for years. Being a regional crop, the rarity increases the further one is from the Temperate Eastern Darci coastal regions.
1g-5g / berry
Raw materials & Components
Ailer wine, at its heart, only needs two things: Berries and time. However, because most growers want to stretch their crops for profit, water is normally added.
Unlike many primeval brewing techniques, Fermenting ailer wine does not require a "Magic brewing spoon" (Or a spoon used to stir a successful ferment and thus inoculated with yeast). Instead, what is used is a "Muller" stick or a long pestle made of hard heavy wood and sometimes capped with a rock. Also, a large vessel is needed. Different regional traditions use different vessels. THe Southern tradition such as Corico uses Large Clay pots and the Northern tradition Lugola uses Barrels with a domed bottom.

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