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The first children were the Spirits, born straight from the breath of the creator to serve him. The second were the dwarves, from the earth to the creators fascination. Third were the colossi, Pulled from the ground to fight a war who scars still mark the earth. Fourth were the elves, brought so as to heal the earth and Jovas pain. And fifth are the humans, the weakest, whose role to play has yet to be fully realized. All that the other races know is that, while is was not seen as necessary for space to be set aside for the previous childeran, Humanity has been given it's own Continent to Grow in isolation.   The Eons are named after the dominant Race of the time. Now is the "Age of Humanity", ranging from the stone age into the magical industrial revolution. Nations will rise and fall in the age of Humanity as the Youngest race must battle with it's own nature to rule.   Especially as the new children arrive from the muck of the Easter M\ashes, those to be called "the Trolls". Humanity must decide how it will show the new children the World Jova has given them. Whether to be cruel like the Elves were before or to teach them how it wished it was guided. For the Trolls are not stupid, they are simply young.

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