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Dangerous predators in the wild, beasts akin to cattle in the settlements, Glatisants are strange creatures that long ago were domesticated and adapted to the use of the Khostan people, largely the Yuan-Ti.

Basic Information


Glatisant appear as some strange hybrid of a feline-like body and snake head and neck. Four limbs that end in retractable claws, the pelt typically takes on a sandy colour, sometimes with light spots and stripes that typically vanish before adulthood. The snake head is python-like, and has no venom. The colouration of the scales can vary wildly, with breeders producing new morphs for those who can afford a flashier beast of burden.

Ecology and Habitats

Native to the dense tropical jungles and rain forests of Khosta's western coast. They don't take permanent lairs or homes, and travel mostly solo or in pairs. Typically feasting upon medium or smaller sized creatures, they are stealth predators that occasionally will eat one another, if one is mortally wounded or recently dead.

Additional Information


Glatisant have been domesticated in Khosta for many centuries, some historians would argue a millenia or more. Domesticated Glatisant have shorter necks and come in more variety of patterns and colours than their wilder cousins. Wild Glatisant have a sleeker build for stealth and making their way through the jungle, the domesticated glatisants are both stockier and more at ease among humanoids.

Uses, Products & Exploitation

Glatisant are primarily used as beasts of burden. When trained they can be incredibly loyal, and have enough of an offensive toolset to help ward off predators during long treks through the Khostan jungles. The meat and hide also have their uses, as the most readily available source of leonine pelts and snakeskin that is legally obtainable.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

The Glatisant has poor hearing, mainly relying on sight and smell. Scents which are, of course, gathered by the snake-like tongue. The Glatisant is also sensitive to changing vibrations and tremors through the ground.
Conservation Status
The Glatisant is not endangered in any way, though international trade of the creatures is restricted.

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