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Zesctnock Forest

Zesctnock Forest is the forest between Calmarnock and Zescter. This forest is the only way to get to Zescter on foot. The forest is teeming with creatures of all sizes. Some creatures are hostile while others are friendly. This forest also provides Zescter with a lot of its resources such as wood and natural herbs for medicine. The forest is also a place for hunters of Zescter to find game. Zesctnock Forest is full of life year round and the resources seem limitless. The Aragon River also flows through the forest, providing even more life to the forest.


The Zesctnock Forest is the only piece of land that binds the peninsula that Zescter is on and Calmarnock and the mainland together. The forest is surrounded by Zescter, Calmarnock, and the ocean waters. The drop is incredibly steep, steep enough so that any creature that falls and hits the ocean rocks die immediately.

Fauna & Flora

This forest has a dirt path that traverses straight through the forest in the safest way possible. Even then, the creatures that live in the forest will attack on the path. Almost all creatures in Zesctnock Forest are as large as a human or larger and hostile. Thus, people who go traverse through the forest need to carry some sort of herbal medication on them at all times. The plants within the forest vary. Some plants are edible and even provide health benefits while others are poison on consumption. Some of the carnivorous plants can move as well and may try to eat a human, although it is easy to avoid that situation. With the addition of the Aragon Forest, creatures like the diving bell spider have settled in the forest by the rivers. The diving bell spiders are poisonous. Zescter usually catches these spiders and extracts its poison from it to turn into medicine in the Wildsage Clinic.

Natural Resources

Some natural resources that Zescter uses from this forest are wood, herbal medicine, and game for food. With the river, it also includes fresh water and fish.

Alternative Name(s)
The Forest, Zesctnock
Characters in Location

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