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Zescter is a small countryside village on the outskirts of Eaucrix. Many people who live here are laborers and peasants. Zescter is geographically located on a peninsula with the Zesctnock Forest being the only entrance to the village by land. This village is considered to be isolated and not many outsiders visit this place. There is only one noble, Clement Duron, who comes and visits Zescter for the peace and quiet away from the capital. Due to the small population size of Zescter, the town does not use a monetary system. Rather, Zescter simply relies on the good faith in people and supplies are split between people.


Zescter has a chief that the village elects every few years. Any change in the village is run through the chief first. The chief is well-respected.


The villagers mostly live off the community. Zescter has its own designated farmers, fishers and various other small trades. Zescter does not really associate themselves with other towns and villages in the kingdom.


The village has built a clinic for the sick and wounded. On top of that, Zescter has a local tavern and a farm. In the center of the village is the village commons, where the clinic and the tavern are located.


Zescter originally started with a single family moving away from the capital of the kingdom to somewhere quieter. The family picked a place near Yggdrasil and the community grew from there. Over the next hundred years, Zescter had developed into what it is now.


All buildings are made from either wood or bricks. There are no natural disasters that affect this small village except for high winds and rain.


The village is located on a peninsula with the only way to get in on foot is by the Zesctnock Forest. The village is naturally protected by the ocean and the rocks.

Natural Resources

The village gets a lot of its abundant resources from its natural surroundings. From the ocean, the village gets a lot of fish and water. From the Zesctnock Forest, it gets wood, herbs, natural medicine, and game.

Characters in Location

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