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Earnest Abbott

Earnest Abbott

Earnest Abbott is the foster father of Siebold Morningstar. He found him under Yggdrasil after Shuma had told him of the baby. Before Earnest settled in Zescter, he lived in another part of an unnamed region where he met Shuma in the forest. Earnest was not afraid during the initial encounter. Rather he was curious and went up to Shuma and started to converse with him. After a year of conversation, Earnest decided to join Shuma in his travels. Wherever Shuma went, Earnest went. After at least ten years of travelling, the two became close friends and relied on each other. Eventually the two headed to Zescter and settled, where Earnest would eventually find Siebold.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Earnest used to be very physically fit. When he settled in Zescter, his fitness slipped away. He is now no longer as strong as he was before.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Earnest had an active childhood of constantly moving from place to place. His parents were explorers and Earnest followed out of curiosity. From this, Earnest developed a love for traveling. When Earnest was 22, he lost his parents to an accident while traveling. This halted Earnest's travels for ten years, until he met Shuma. Through Shuma, Earnest learned to love traveling again and having a good friend helped.

Intellectual Characteristics

Through his years of traveling, Earnest has learned from various cultures and became incredibly educated and instinctive. He fully understands that he should use logic and if logic failed use instincts. Earnest also believed in helping those in need.

Current Location
Year of Birth
1942 AM 64 Years old
Biological Sex
Black eyes
short blond hair
Skin Tone
Tanned white
188 bls

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