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King Noah

King Noah

King Noah is the current king of Daloria. He is considered more of a tyrant than a king by his subjects. Only the nobles see Noah as a good king. King Noah rules with a heavy hand. He also has a strong dislike for non-humans and will have any non-human killed on sight. He does not, however, go out of his way to hunt non-humans. King Noah has met God before and, unknowingly to everyone else, is just doing what God has been asking for him to do. King Noah is very religious and blames Satan for everything. Eventually, Satan got sick and tired of being constantly blamed by him and ascends from the Bottomless Pit and has him killed by his darklings.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

King Noah is physically weak and slow due to his old age. He also has no magical powers.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Before the genesis flood, Noah was simply a normal man. He was a righteous man in every aspect. Everyone else around him, however, was not the same case. There were a lot of killings, thievery, excessive drinking, and more that angered God. Noah tried his best to appease God. Unfortunately for human kind, it was not enough. God descended down to Noah and told him to build an ark and to put his family and two of each animal inside it, one male and one female. Noah started on the ark and once he had finished, God told him to get everyone and everything in. Once Noah had done that, God sent down a torrential rain onto the humans that lasted for forty days. After that, Noah and God made a pact stating that God would never do something like this again. God told Noah to repopulate the earth. Noah built the church in Geistale after the flood for God.   Roughly 150 years later, humanity decided to prove to God that they were more than just humans. The construction for the Tower of Babel began. It was completed 107 years later, but God quickly destroyed it dispersing people throughout the world. After that, God and Noah decided that the best thing to preserve humanity is if Noah ruled as a leader. In Noah's eyes, this meant becoming the king.   50 years later, Noah had established Daloria as a kingdom with himself as king. The subjects of Noah have wondered how old he is and how he is living as long as he is. Noah simply stated that God has blessed him to be able to live this long. Since then, Noah has ruled Daloria as the king.

Accomplishments & Achievements

  • The Ark
  • The Church of Geistale

Intellectual Characteristics

Noah is a very logical king, but he is also stern and merciless. In some cases, many view Noah as ignorant for his undying commitment to God.

Morality & Philosophy

Noah is an incredibly righteous man and he swears everything on the word of God. His life revolves around the word of God and will refuse to believe otherwise.


Religious Views

Noah's religious views are completely based on God. All of his judgements and decisions are based on God.

1056 AM 2006 AM 950 years old
Biological Sex
dark brown eyes
long, silky and wavy
Skin Tone
187 lbs

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