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Humans are the main species, although even though they are the main species humans are naturally weaker than other species. On top of that, humans have less magic capabilities than other species. Humans are more intelligent than other species, however. In addition, humans are very good adapting and evolving.

Basic Information


A normal human has four limbs: two arms with opposable thumbs and two legs. Humans have a torso that connects all the limbs together with the head on top. Humans are physically weaker than most species.

Ecology and Habitats

Humans can reside anywhere. They have adapted to the cold, the heat, and the temperate. They have learned special skills to survive within each of these landscapes. The interactions between these landscapes differ and are unique.

Additional Information

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Humans have eyes, ears, mouth, hands, and nose to receive information about their surroundings. Once a human has the ability to wield magic, they can use their magic to sense their surroundings.

Scientific Name
It is said that the origin of humans started of as the creation of God. No one really knows the truth.
79 years
Average Height
5'8" - 6'1"
Average Weight
180 lbs - 200 lbs

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