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Calmarnock is the town right off the peninsula, next to the Zesctnock Forest. Calmarnock is a religious town with its church in the middle of town. The town's leadership is through the church's head, the bishop. The town's church is always open no matter the hour and there are always priests inside as well. The bishop does not usually make an appearance unless the church is hosting a large religious mass. The religious followers are not very fond of non-humans, but the religious followers are also not violent. They will not attack non-humans. Rather they will avoid them. Priests have primitive healing abilities that they have self-taught. Not everyone is religious in this town, however. The town also has a tavern and a few shops. The town also has a port by the waterside where the Aragon River empties out. The citizens of Calmarnock live in apartments. There are no houses for the citizens to live in.


A majority of the town folks are religious. There are a small amount of non-religious people.


The town is run through the church. The church does a decent job making sure things are taken care of and accounted for, but sometimes the church can be bias.


The town has built a church and the tavern as the two main central spots. The town also has a marketplace and various shops scattered around the town.


The town is built entirely of stone. The church believed that using stone would prevent evil spirits from freely enter buildings.


Calmarnock is located right off the peninsula next to Zesctnock Forest. The town is next to the ocean as well.


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