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The Thoringalvonic Sands

At the end of the War of the Wastes the Battle of Thorin, the final battle of the war, raged in the abandoned hamlet of Thorin. The battle culminated in electrical discharge from a secret weapon wielded by the Tolimericon hitting a magical discharge by the eldest sage of the warriors of the Milstrane Canyon Tribes. The resultant of this galvantic event was a chemical change to the soil in the region that will become known as the Thoringalvonic Sands.


The soil has undergone a chemical change from the region extending from Vanisberg to the mouth of the Milstrane Canyon. The Laws of Nature mixed with the supernatural worked to change the sandy soil covered with soot into a blackened, crystalline sand, the consistency of ground glass in one of the largest Arcane Galvonic incidents in recorded history. This top soil seemed to have conductive properties similar to refined metals, and furthermore, seem to create and discharge large volumes of electricity in huge arcs of blue and green bolts. Currently, study seems to show that this bolts are both electric and arcane in origin, hinting at some unknown power source.   The sand, when picked up by very high winds have been known to create large, black, electric dust storms. No matter the weather, rain or wind, the sand does not leave the region, as if something is keeping it contained.   Each year, it seems this black desert continues to grow slightly, except south towards Vanisberg, and west, where the Milstrane River flows. It is believed that the power generated by Vanisberg's Wastington from the sands and the water of the Milstrane is keeping it flowing.   This area is dotted with mesas and abandoned mines and is known to be mineral rich. Mesa and abandoned edifices are the only landmarks that remain in this artificial desert. The Thoringalvonic sands are a danger for anyone to cross. Electricity from the sands can vaporize travelers with high enough discharges. This has made the region uninhabitable, save for in Wastinton, where Galvonic Generators have been invented to turn this unholy alliance of energy into a steady stream of electricity for the city of Vanisberg, and the industry therein.

Fauna & Flora

Nothing. However, officials in the districts of Van-Hull and Wastington have heard tale of monstrosities of rock and electricity occasionally wandering the sands. To the knowledge of the Academy of Natural Philosophy, however, no creature can inhabit the region without some nature of electric mitigation.

Natural Resources

The landscape is mineral rich, with what used to be abundant resources of copper, iron, and phosphorus among other things. These materials, as of the moment, are not able to be mined at present.   The Thoringalvonic Sands   The Sand itself is the greatest resource, however. It is able to hold, and generate electricity, seemingly from nowhere. It is now one of the greatest resources and materials in the ever increasing need for energy within the Union of the Nine Cities, supplanting Alvanian Oil as the most sought after energy sources on Daearen. Large Plants called "Sand Turners," disrupt the black sand by continuously rotating centrifuges of copper within the sand, causing the power therein to enter create a charge within the wires.   New weapons utilizing the Thoringalvonic Sands have been devised by the Academy of Natural Philosophy. Most notably, a Dr. Zanthan devised a project to surround the city with Thoringalvonic sands as a natural defense from land invaders. Most of these projects have not been pursued however, due to the volatile nature of the sand. Experiments probing the source of the sand's energy have resulted in concussive explosions that destroyed the very matter of the soil when energy levels read too high. This has resulted in more than a few fatalities, as the explosive waves seem to move through solid, matter without losing much power and with little resistance, while still damaging the material. A few artifacts from before this time of reason do seem to be not affected by these waves however.
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