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Great Mother's Heart


In the eastern reaches of Critea rests a massive volcano that towers over the Eastern Keep. It has been active as long as dracena of the region can remember. A constant dance of smoke rises from within, making the volcano visible for hundreds of wingspans in any direction. It was named after the Great Mother, and is said to be a place of peace and tranquility. Along the base of the volcano are hundreds of red and orange flowers that make it look like the ground is covered in lava when viewed from above. The sides are made up of dark rocks, similar in color to storm and lightening dracena scales. Along the crater are purple and blue flowers, similar in color to frost dracena scales. From underneath the mountain flows a spring of mineral water. The stones that make up the bed are polished to a glowing greenish-white, matching the scales of water dracena to the north. These features are what earned Great Mother's Heart it's name. Dracena who make pilgrimages to Great Mother's Heart are reminded how varied their race is. In this one area, versions of all dracena live within nature.  


Great Mother's Heart has only seen blood shed a handful of times. The most notable was during the fall of Mira's homeland. Human invaders attempted to ambush the Eastern Keep, and were slaughtered for their attempt. Their blood soaked Great Mother's Heart, officially ending the treaty between dracena and the human kingdoms of the area. Prior to that, the only bloodshed was from dracena battling for the title of Eastern Lord. The last time that happened was almost a thousand years ago, as Altair's family has ruled the area since.  

Fun Facts

  • Pilgrimages to Great Mother's Heart tend to coincide with one of the two fertility festivals that dracena celebrate. Many go to seek the Great Mother's blessing for their unions or newborn children.
  • The land around Great Mother's Heart is extremely fertile thanks to the volcano and ground fed spring.
  • Fire Dracena tend to farm the area around Great Mother's Heart, as they don't have to worry about volcanic eruptions. Their affinity for fire and ability to inhale toxic fumes allows them to live in harmony with the volcano, even when it erupts.
  • The Eastern Keep was built as a tower, that way if an eruption occurs the damage to the structure would be minimal.
  • Altair was known to gift Mira flowers from the base of the volcano, and even transplanted some in the Queen's Gardens when she became his mate.
"The Great Mother can be both nurturing and destructive, Altair. She can bless us if we pay her respect, or curse us if we spit at her gifts. Great Mother's Heart is no different, as you'd do well to remember." - The Late Lord Isac


Overseer: Lord Altair   Territory: Eastern Critea - Seat of the Eastern Dracena Clan   Bordered By:
  • Mutha (Human Kingdom) to the south
  • Ludel (Human Kingdom) to the west
Notable Features: The abundance of flora and wildlife   Importance: Sacred to the Dracena


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