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The Great Transition

Almost immediately after The God Hand, before the dust even had time to settle, the Penta Caelum was spending just as much time conspiring to keep their position of power as they were surveying the aftermath of what they had just done.   With the orc threat thwarted and a new nation born, the wizards of the Penta Caelum wanted to execute their next move with tact. Sure, they could simply act as usurpers and let the public know that there has been a shift in power. They had the sheer magical might to rule, but they were all wise enough to know that would be an exhausting exercise.   Wizards like to keep to themselves and grow their wealth of power through knowledge and study. They aren't ones to bog their talents down with politics and especially tyranny. Also, if history has taught them anything is that angry mobs wielding pitch forks and torches are far more formidable than the imagery may suggest. That simply would not do.   Their vision was to be loved and accepted by the masses for everything the Penta Caelum did to save them from the invasion. Efforts that were necessary due to the negligence and ineptitude of the crown. The former king himself would endorse the transition of power himself.   What was decided was that there would be a grand announcement. All of the citizens of the, now former, capitol of the, now former, kingdom were assembled. On a day that is now referred to as The Great Transition.   On that day, the masses gathered and saw the king, sitting beside the Penta Caelum. A great speech was delivered by none other than Chadwick Esterbal, the most socially gifted, and frankly most relatable, member of the Penta Caelum. Without force, without mudslinging, he catered to the fatigue the public already had of the crown and the potential of the burgeoning, profitable, amazing future that is to come of this historical feat that was performed to save everyone. For it was for them, the citizens of Creatos, that the wizards would serve and share their magics with. They would became the best nation on this plane of existence.   As the speech was being delivered, the king, sullen as he was did not object and even nodded and acknowledged what had been stated.  He was not allowed to deliver his own speech, which was the start of the conspiracy theories, but it was a peaceful transition of power and the widower king Jacob was allowed to leave in peace.
Decree, Governmental

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