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Psion, PSI, Esper or ESP

They were rumours, then they finally showed to be real, only to become feared and despised.

A man stood on the verandah of his home, holding back his daughter. "I will not allow it. Keep away from my family!"

The young man pressed his lips together, "Sir, you are aware of the law changes, Nat?"

The daughter, nodded grimacing and glaring at her father's back. "He is, just doesn't care or believe him when I told him either."

"Leave," he demanded, "It doesn't change the fact your a mind-crawler, you have nothing to offer my daughter but more of the same pain."

"Sir, Mister Longman, I maybe a telepath but I no wish or desire to be touch another mind, with out permission and nor do I crawl minds. I work with medical Healers with children, to help them deal with trauma."

"I don't care!" he shouted, "You stay away from my daughter!"


Major language groups and dialects

All humans have the capacity to be PSI, so all dialects are involved.

Culture and cultural heritage

Those who are born with PSI capabilities, they often find themselves segregated, though now that is no longer enforced. They are treated to be less, or actively shunned by some groups of people.

Shared customary codes and values

All who have PSI or Psion have developed a code, they do not enter another minds unless they have permission, and the only caveat is if the situation is life and death, or serious threat to their own life or another's is at risk.

Common Etiquette rules

They do not shake hands, some prefer to always were gloves that protect them from reading too deeply, to gain impressions that are not asked for or wishing to keep out of knowing about others too much.

Common Dress code

The Odin corps have a particular dress that all of their people are to wear. It was once the only clothes they were permitted, but that has changed now to be only when they are working on a contracted job.

Art & Architecture

There still are many murals and other pictures used to show the troubles of PSI, the worse of it, them being so segregated to make it safer for the rest of the people. These side slows of attacks or even showing it to better if they were segregated as some groups still believe is the better options.

Common Customs, traditions and rituals

Those who are awaken at any time, are sent off to Odin corps or PSI League for training and often that is their only home they know. This is mostly true of PSI League, who are strict in how they treat all Psion

Birth & Baptismal Rites

All PSI or Esper have implanted a mem-Net, which allows for the downloading of their memories, what they 'see', what the 'hear' and so prove that are not defrauding anyone, or lying.

Coming of Age Rites

The mastery of your capabilities, see you able to work this often means contract work organised by either Odin Corps and PSI league. This is normally around the age of 23 or so.

Funerary and Memorial customs

It has become custom for PSI or Esper all to be cremated, and their ashes to be scattered over water. This was started out of old treatment of the PSI or Esper. On the belief that water would wash the taint from their lives.

Common Taboos

They are not to touch other unless they are requested or order to do so. This was not agreed but it has become custom that no PSI or Esper are permitted to touch outside of other PSI or their close family.

Common Myths and Legends

Among the Confederates there are Legends of those with PSI and the work they have done to build up their society, the meaningful work they do. This is only in the Confederacy. In the others, the worse is always told and promoted even in Odin Corps though they are trying to work on that. Not in PSI League as they have strict police and they are also government friendly, so their people are often used for their purpose or are friendly with the First Family to benefit them.

Major organizations

Odin Corps

PSI League


Parent ethnicities
Related Organizations

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