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Tomb of Zeon

At the far end of the Valley of the Radiant, burrowed deep inside the surrounding Hiatisk Mountains lies the Tomb of Zeon. The only surface access is through a long tunnel in the above monastery. The tomb itself is housed in a cavern, clad in rockcrete and filled with arcane machines. Those technological marvels keep the tomb in stasis and require huge amounts of energy. To provide energy and keep these mystical machines functional has been the reason of the monastery's founding, since shortly after the death of Zeon herself.


Under the millennia of grime and countless layers of added auxiliary systems, the cavern has been bland rockcrete and thick adamantine support pillars. Over time, refined and highly technological parts of the tomb have been replaced by crude and comparatively obscene emergency solutions, which in turn had to be patched up too. This, in addition to crusts of religious symbols and purity seals, has successfully disguised the cavern's original appearance.
Room, Religious, Tomb
Parent Location

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