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The Gypsy-Duck Circus


The circus is a travelling community where everyone carries their weight. Every coin earned (or borrowed) is shared amongst the entire group. Artists and performers support each other, and no one is more important that anyone else. Except...when it comes to the food. Ma Sizzleduck holds the ladle when it comes to the cookin'. She settles inter-group disputes with her rolling pin just as often as she fills stomachs with her goulash.

Public Agenda

To entice, enthrall, entertain, and raise a little hell...


Twelve caravans filled with fortunetellers, alchemists, fire-eaters, duck-trainers, and bards.

Demography and Population

Outcasts of all races and classes are welcome in the Circus.

Foreign Relations

The Circus is regarded as a nuisance by small towns, but larger settlements know the value of entertaining the populace. Therefore the Circus is known for traveling from major settlement to major settlement following the season and the coin.

If the pay's good, play on

Founding Date
Entertainment, Music band
Alternative Names
Travelers, The Caravan
Government System
Economic System
Barter system
Officially stories...but gold will do...actually gold is probably better.
Legislative Body
Ma Sizzleduck
Judicial Body
Ma Sizzleduck's Wooden Spoon

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