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Coendou is home to the largest number of distinct domesticated animals found anywhere in the world, either by Allanse or by the region's Wildmen. Southbears are used by both, being surprisingly docile for a creature of such size, especially so when compared to their cousin, the northbear. Usually content to simply lie in the sun, they can be coaxed into following humans around, and are often made to drag sledges laden with supplies or wares to sell. There are few people able to control them to such an extent, but they assure me that southbears are relatively harmless, and after observing them for a while I am inclined to agree.

Basic Information


Southbears are large, quadrupedal creatures with dense, shaggy fur which is often dark grey or black. They have short, stocky legs which end in wide paws with five short claws. Their heads are small compared to their bodies, with small, rounded ears. Their teeth are strong enough to bite through tough rope, but they are almost exclusively herbivorous. They tend to have very little fat, and can stand upright on their hind paws if they wish.

Dietary Needs and Habits

Despite their size, southbears seem to need little feeding. They mainly eat ferns and large leafy plants, as are found in the grasslands that comprise most of Coendou. Wild southbears will graze, eating as and where they please, and the plains are large enough to sustain such habits.

Additional Information

Social Structure

For the most part, southbears are solitary creatures. They do not seem to band together, and even families tend to go their separate ways after the young have grown. However, they are not territorial, and seem quite happy for other southbears to live in quite close proximity.

Uses, Products & Exploitation

Southbears are used both by the Allanse and by the Wildmen to transport goods, using their considerable strength to pull sledges or carts behind them. Typically, each town or settlement will contain one or two families who are adept at handling the creatures.

Geographic Origin and Distribution

Southbears are found throughout Coendou, with confirmed sightings from Greycoast to South Virinne. They are most commonly found in the wild in the forests east of Allanse. Southbears can also be found in Allanse towns or with bands of Wildmen as domesticated animals, though the differences between these and wild southbears are minimal. There have been no reports of southbears in Gardsel or north of the Virinne Gap, so it seems likely that Coendou is the only place they are native to.
30 - 40 years
Average Height
1 metre tall on all fours, up to 2 metres when stood upright
Average Weight
100 - 120 kg

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