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Trade stub

The trade stub is one of the most common documents in the world. These trade stub is used in all trade of any kind. Some establishments in the Nucrana republic, and Efren kingdoms require the trade stub before the goods are to be taken. This came about because there were several unsavory elves that would take advantage and take off before completing the transactions.   Elves typical keep their trade stubs for at least a year if not two to three. While shifters normally only keep theirs for a year. Unless the trade stubs are for service houses then all keep those for at least ten years. There is no law or requirement just culture.   Tradesmen who travel delivering goods use a leather scroll and ink to keep track. They also are known to keep the trade stubs for the longest of any. Trade stubs that are one time transactions mostly with in settlements are written on reed paper. These trade stubs are typically not kept for long. Services houses, such as beauty, entertainment, and inns, use long strips of Firhust bark or clay tablets. The Firhusk bark for its water resistance. The clay where Firhust bark is not freely available. These service trade stubs are considered more long term accounts and the establishments keep them. They have one trade stub for each patron or family. A short reed paper trade stub can and is given when requested.   As far as any historian can find. The trade stub document was started on Nucrana between the Kamlilta clan and the elves. The Kamlilta clan were fed up with a few elves trying to get more for less. So a young feline shifter named Keiji came up with the trade stub to keep track of his father’s transactions. Once the underhandedness had been discovered and taken care of the Nucrana elves took the idea and it spread from there. The trade stub has been been very helpful to many as it helped stamp down on those who would take advantage of those around them.

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