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Terellas are feline in nature with fur to feather wings. They have four legs, and a proportioned body. Their feet are paws and have claws that they can retract. They have a tail and wings. The heads are round shape and the ears are triangles on top of their heads. Their eyes are oval shape and color varies between green and blue. They are covered in a silky fur, there wings are feathers. Their wing coloring matches their fur coat. Their coloring is black, Calico, gray, tan, red, white or a mix. The rarest is white, with rainbow wings of feathers, with an eye color of blue. Their personalities are sweet mischievous, very loyal and can be vicious when the need arises. These Terellas were more widely available in ancient times. A canine shifter pack leader attempted to kill an elf maiden after she had refused his offer and compatibility test came back as not good. Her Terellas attacked him protecting and saving her life, while scaring him for life. He was so mad and crazed afterward that he had his pack attack and kill any that they saw. Not everyone in the pack followed the order. It was 20 years before he was stopped and punished for his crimes as he found one in the pack and had it killed. The owner of the killed Terellas turned him in. They had had many leads before that but no evidence. His crime was killing pets but also many in the wild. By the time that he had been caught the wild and pets close to disappearing. Many were left with none and there were few in the wild. So to protect them they were put under a special law. This law was in affect until 35 years ago when the wild Terellas population has reached its pre murdered numbers and has continued to grow.

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