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Ferrine mineral that is found all over. It ranges in size from large grapefruit to pebble. Ferrine comes in red, blue, purple, green and yellow. Each color ranges from light to dark. The darker the color the stronger the power of the mineral. The most common colors are yellow and green. Yellow colors give some protection against extreme elements such as cold, heat and some wind. Green helps plants grow and helps repair environments that had been destroyed or damaged by magic. The next two colors available but are less seen then the yellow and green ferrine. Red Ferrine is found mostly on Nucrana but can be found occasionally on the other continents. Red is used in magic applications. It is placed with in an artifact, weapon, or jewelry. Red Ferrine increases protection to fire but also helps the magic user in fire attacks. It is also used in many public buildings and the elite homes as a fire protection and prevention. Blue Ferrine is mostly found on Owhua but as the other can be found on the other continents. It is also used in magic applications, being placed with in artifacts, weaponry, or jewelry. Blue Ferrine helps those that carry a artifact or jewelry to breath in water. The weaponry allows the user to increase their water attacks. The rarest Ferrine is purple. They have been found on all the continents but the darkest ones are found on Lafliuton. The colors of this ranges from a light lavender to an almost black purple. The lighter colors do both fire and water protection, increase in attack power. As the color gets darker it picks up the ability to help with the elements and helping plants grow. It is also used in a lot of medical treatments as a stone. A lot of the medium colors of purple are most commonly found on Efren. The darkest Ferrine had been found on Lafliuton. It was black, but as moved in the light it was purple. It also contained flecks of red, blue, green and yellow. It had the power of all the colors combined. Regrettably no one knows where it came from as the ones that found it were killed by a Shade organization before they could say. The stone is now kept in the deep depths of the Agonora school. Only one person knows where it is exactly, but that person is unknown.

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