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This decree is five laws put in place by the emperor to prevent civil unrest that could lead to rebellion. These laws actively work to  1. Educate the populace in a biased and revised view of the history of the empire. This is done by limiting the distribution of "heretical knowledge" and enforcing mandatory Empire approved education.   2. Controlling the movement of people throughout the empire, through state issued identification cards. Making sure information and ideas remain stagnant   3. Forbidding the gathering of large groups in public areas after designated curfew and preventing public speech that may lead to unrest. This allows the punishment of "unapproved speech" and the limits of dissonate individuals to be able to gather and make plans.


The degree is a list of five rules carved into the stone wall of the Keep of the Royal Congregation. These were loudly annouced to the public as new laws to be followed under the threat of execution should they be broken. The after the new Emperor came to power there were uprisings that destabilized the Empire itself. After one Kingdom managed to hold of the Empires army and declare their independence the emperor imposed harsh sanctions on the rest of the empire, trying to keep iron clad control as to not lose more of his empire.

Document Structure

Publication Status

This document is publicly accessible as it is carved onto the side of the building. The Keep of the Royal Congregation being a law enforcement body in the Kingdom.

Legal status

Although there haas been much moral outrage against the list of laws punishable by death the ruling body itself, and therefore the ruling religious boddy uphold these laws making them "the law"
Decree, Royal

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