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Glennwood is a small village established by the Viriska corporation to harvest material from the nearby Goennwood Forest. As a result most of the demographic consists of young men and woman in early adulthood capable of preforming hard labor and looking to get work experience. There are few children and older adults as this area is dangerous but occasionally people will move into the settlement with younger or older family members. About 10 percent of the population is outside of the main age demographic.


Glennwood is ruled over by seven individuals with no association to Viriska. They originally were the owners of the land of Glennwood Forest but they traddd away access to the resources of their land for a significant profit and control over the settlement that would be established there. The government is a form of hive mind where they all come together to debate decisions and policies to be implemented.


Two of the rulers, George the Wizard and Christina the Paladin, have built a network of defenses to the town. George has set small alarm glyphs surround the settlement that will trigger upon specific conditions and sound of the town alarm system. Christina constructed and directs patrols along a small border used to denote the edge of the territory.

Industry & Trade

The town mainly makes profit off of the lumber yard that has developed in relation to the settlement moment. The ruler Margret who has trained as a ranger oversees the forest, making sure that the forest isn’t left barren from production by directing work efforts, accommodating wildlife concern and protecting against large beasts and deforestation. The rulers also became aware they couldn’t rely on just the lumber as a source of income so the ruler Daniel the Bard worked to develop and enriching culture in the settlement, attracting more settlers, tourists, and traders to help fuel the local economy.


One of the rulers, only referred to as Jennifer, has begun training as an artificer since selling her piece of Glennwood. She took charge with the construction of the settlement utilizing a grid system to lay out the streets and several types of materials to build medium sized homes for the employees and several elaborate town buildings.


The equipment used by the workers is made by Jennifer and another ruler… Andrew the rogue. This equipment is easy to used and powerful allowing for quicker and easier work.


The ruler Daniel in cooperation the the ruler Alyssa the cleric have worked to turn the settlement into a hub of activity. There are numerous cultural events to attract a nomadic population. Alyssa has developed an incredible healthcare system that allows both the workers and any travelers to receive necessary care for an injury. She assure all who enter will leave healthy, thus developing a favorable reputation in other settlements.
Owning Organization

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