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Sage eccbooks
E. Christopher Clark
28 Oct, 2020 17:38

This is excellent. Had me hooked from the first section. Great work!

Journeyman Sloqush
Sloqush the Sloqush
29 Oct, 2020 23:21

Happy to hear that :)

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Grandmaster Serukis
Dr Emily Vair-Turnbull
30 Oct, 2020 02:20

This is so interesting. I don't think I'd like talking to an Ostere very much - they seem rather scary. I love the term 'cinder lines'!

Emy x   Welcome to Etrea!
Journeyman Sloqush
Sloqush the Sloqush
12 Nov, 2020 15:25

Hey, Serukis glad to hear that you enjoyed the article :D   Also while the Ostere are certainly scary, they are by far not the scariests of the Ikona-subspecies, as this titel either goes to the Agsimer or Irisi.

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Grandmaster Strat7135
Phillip Dalrymple
12 Nov, 2020 13:58

So would an insult to them be that look natural as an Ostere? How would they deal with this. For if they are acting a certain way as a race are they not then acting NATURALLY? I love the concept you have written. It is cold and unfeeling. Are there other races that they deal with that do not fit into their ideals?

Journeyman Sloqush
Sloqush the Sloqush
12 Nov, 2020 15:12

Telling an Ostere that they look "natural" is without a doubt the single worst insult one could give to them.   Because of this, their reaction will be as swift as it will be violent, with even the non-radical Ostere being unlikely to accept anything other than the death of the offending party as an apology.   As for the "naturality" of their actions; given the Ostere are the very antithesis of nature (as can be seen by their undead-like bodies), anything and everything they do is by definition "unnatural" as beings like them shouldn't exist in the biological world.   For species that might get along with the Ostere, I could think of the Mecamii, Læx and the Painted Men as none of these species are biological in nature.

Explore Sloqush's bleakdark sandox: Cenorad
12 Nov, 2020 15:29

Color me... not ashen...but deeply intrigued!