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A Golotian that can't move his Gikogi is as common as a fish that can't swim or a bird that can't fly.   ~ Common saying of the Golotian
  The Gikogi ("Noble Creatures") are a highly sophisitcated type of Elemental Relic, which are created and promently utilized by the Golotian.   While at first glance most Gikogi might just look like a masterfully crafted statue, they are in fact highly capable, all-terrain vehicles far superior to most other kinds of organic or mechanical mount, due to their robustness, high degree of dependability, ease of maintenance as well as an long-lasting storage unit for elemental energies which can easily be recharged.   Since the first proto-Gikogi were created numerous centuries ago the Gikogi has been a stable part of the Golotians culture, given that without the great amount of mobility they offer the members of the nomadic and semi-nomadic Clans would have a significantly hard time to properly satiate their almost pathological wanderlust.   Even the members of the Standing Clans, which are known for their love of sedentariness highly value the Gikogi for the numerous usage it has during the construction and generall maintenance their Clan Fortresses.  

Making a Gikogi

  The planning and subsequent construction of one's own Gikogi is one of the most important parts of the numerous trails adolescent Golotian has to undergo in order to become a fully-fledged adult and be allowed to join a Gtar.   In addition to testing the adolescent's craftsmanships, mental endurance, and mastery over his Laurasian Artifact, this process also teaches them how important it is to be able to rely upon the assistance of other Clan members, as without external help the Gikogi production process becomes a frustrating exercise in futility, that physically can't be completed within the requested timeframe.

Power Generation

Similar to other Relics, a Gikogi receives its energy from a parent Artifact which infuses it with the elemental mass required for the Gikogi to properly function.   Once this so-called Relicbound Mass has been expended it can simply be refilled by either the parent Artifact or any other Artifact which was bound to the same element as the parent one.


The secret to the Gikogi's movement is the so-called Giogi Gikgo ("Marionette Spine"), which is a skeletal structure composed of most of the Gikogi's Relicbound Mass.   By using the elemental control granted to him either by a personal Artifact or the Gikogi itself a rider is, therefore, able to actuate the various pieces of the Giogi Gikgo which enables him to set the entire Gikogi into motion.   Depending on the experience of the rider as well as the complexity of the Giogi Gikgo it can either be quite easily or inconceivable difficult to get a Gikogi to move even a single step, let alone making it run at its top speed.
A Gikogi can either be formed or earned, but never bought.
Commonplace for the various Golotain Clans, practically unheard of outside of them.
1.94- 2.44 m, dependant on design
1.63- 1.83 m, dependant on design
500-1,000 kg dependant on material and size
60-90 km/h, dependant on type of infusion.
Speed can be substanially faster if directly powered by an Artifact.
Complement / Crew
Cargo & Passenger Capacity
150-400 kg

Fossil-powered Vehicles

  The Laurasian Artifacts required for the creation and recharging of the Gikogi are created via the arcane art of Fossilcraft.  
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An arcane art that utilizes the fossilized remains of a dead goddess in order to gain controll over the Five Elements.

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