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Carrier Primula

Please wait a minute, while I go pluck a fresh messenger.   ~ Abmuloc A'htlac, Communications Gardener
  Carrier Primulas are odorous and colorful plants whose flowers are utilized as herbal messengers by the various city-states of the Curnias.   Like many other types of flying plants, they were first cultivated by the gardeners of the hanging city of Ere'eah, before spreading to the other city-states of the A'irtap Basin.

Basic Information


While at first glance appearing quite similar to other herbaceous plants and flowers, Carrier Primulas possess a number of additional features vital for their intended purpose, which have been breed into them by the gardeners of Ere'eah.   The most striking of these features is the plant's ability to created mesmerizing and highly complex color patterns on its petals when exposed to a certain amount of Botas-flavored Fairy Dust. If the Fairy Dust treatment is done in just the right way, these patterns can be utilized to store sizable chunks of information.   The second important features of a Carrier Primula are its detachable and lighter-than-air flowers, which all sport a tail-like vine at their bottom that plays an important role in steering the flower during its sometimes day-long flights.   Last but not least all Carrier Primulas also possess an array of complex sensory organs made from transformed stamens, which enables them to track their intended target over vast distances with surprising accuracy.
Scientific Name
Prymula livias
4 - 5 years

Right Flower for the Job


Swiftwind Primula

  Blueish colored flowers, which have been grown for their great speed of movement.   They are most commonly used as express messengers for time-sensitive information.  

Longleaf Primula

  Yellowish-colored flowers that possess highly elongated petals, which allow them to store messages to long for regular carriers.  

Primula O' War

  Greenish-colored flowers, which have been specially created for the purpose of secure, fast and reliable communication during wartime.   Their messages are heavily encrypted and require a special pollen-key in order to become readable again.

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