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This condition turns anyone (human or Supernatural) into a walking corpse that is not quite dead, but not quite alive either. Zombies are simple-minded creatures who are almost impossible to exterminate, but who otherwise pose little threat to others, as they move at a pace even a toddler can outrun and have the same intelligence as a potato sack. That said, those unfortunate enough to be caught in an enclosed space with a zombie will most likely be eaten alive.

Transmission & Vectors

People can only become zombies via a special potion. As soon as a person is doused on it (or drinks the potion), their bodies will go through a process of accelerated decay and their mental faculties will diminish to the point of non-existence within a few minutes.
The zombification potion is banned across the world (for obvious reasons), but this has not prevented skilled potion masters from creating clandestine stock, which they sell to heartless criminals for the price of a seaside mansion (complete with 100 staff and enough money to pay their minimum wages for the next 20 years).


There is no treatment or cure for zombification. The only way to stop them is to kill them by decapitation.


People afflicted with zombification will never recover. They are considered dead for all practical purposes, as all there is left of their old self is a decomposing body incapable of dying from natural means. Their conscience is gone forever.

Affected Groups

Anyone can (and will be) affected.


The potion for zombification was created accidentally by a group of human attempting to create a potion to turn Supernaturals to humans. Once the tragic effects of the potion were fully understood, it was promptly banned around the world. However, this did not stop people from wanting access to it, and thus it is still possible to find the potion or its recipe if one knows where to look.


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