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And the All-Father did descend upon the mountain, and with His presence bless it, and upon its peak He did sit and gaze upon the majesty of His creation. And He was unsatisfied with what He beheld, for though perfect in its glory it was empty of soul. And the All-Father sat long, until He knew what He should do.
— "The Book of Creation", Chapter 4, Verses 3-5
Thokalterat is a free-standing mountain that can be found within Khazarak, only a dozen miles away from the shorter Rerdak, home of the Karzat capital of Stombarad. Translated, 'Thokalterat' means the 'Breath of the Creator', and it is extremely sacred to the dwarves and other worshippers of Moradin. Few dwarves, and virtually no non-dwarves, are allowed to even climb the very bottom of it, let alone ascend to the summit. It is tradition that only thirteen people ever ascend to the summit - the Grand Priestess of the Church of the All-Father, and the twelve Queens of Khazarak. Each will ascend to the summit only once ever in their lives, on the day of their coronation or appointment, and there they enter holy communion with their god. All the Queens and Grand Priestesses are permitted to be buried in great tombs midway up the mountain, though some prefer to be buried on lands important to them or their clan.

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