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Hak Etme

Flat and arid as far as the eye can see, the desert is interrupted only by the presence of hulking skeletons from creatures long extinct, along with the occasional sand dune. Devoid of life and colour, the world is bleached white and beige... that is, until it rains. During these rare times, the Hak Etme comes alive in a shocking display of vibrancy. Flowers bloom across every available surface, and the sands ripple with rainbows hues.  

Fauna & Flora

All kinds of desert animals can be found here, such as tortoises, horned lizards, bearded dragons, rattlesnakes, vipers, pythons, scorpions, dung beetles, spiders, tarantulas, camels, fennec foxes, kangaroo rats, roadrunners, coyotes, foxes, wrens, sandgrouses, kestrels.

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