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Tritonius is the oldest city in Meranthis that still remains populated, and is the capital of Lemuria. The city spans a great distance across the ocean floor, its many spires and walls built from enchanted metals and coral harvested from the nearby reefs. It is from here that the long line of Coral Kings and Queens have ruled the aquatic kingdom, seated upon their throne in the Palace of Pearls. To most of Meranthis, Tritonius is only a city that they hear of in stories, but to the Triton, it is the heart of their people.


The vast majority of Tritonius’ population is triton, as they are one of the only major races of Meranthis who can survive underwater innately. However, there are small communities of other aquatic races who live within the city walls, including water genasi, merfolk, sea elves, nereids, and marids.   As the center of Triton civilization, Tritonius is not without its share of crime. Parts of the city have a number of smuggling rings and criminal gangs, notably in areas near the trenches in the eastern districts. Illicit creatures are sometimes summoned from the Plane of Water, and black market shops sell illegal materials harvested from marine animals or coral reefs.


Lemuria is ruled by the Coral King Nerus, who dwells within the Palace of Pearls in Tritonius, along with his wife, Coral Queen Miryn. While they are certainly concerned with the governing of Tritonius, they have a much larger realm to preside over, and as such, leave most of the city’s daily affairs to their advisors and other appointed officials.


With its foundations built within a seabed valley, the city stretches far and wide along various cliffs and ridges of the ocean floor. A wall constructed from coral and ocean rock runs the entire length of Tritonius, and a protective shield of powerful magic surrounds the city, protecting it from threats from the waters above. Coral reefs and kelp forests surround the city, and several small villages dwell within them, mostly fishing communities that provide food for Tritonius.   The Shaking Sea is the warmer of Meranthis’ two primary oceans, and the waters around Tritonius are temperate, with only mild fluctuations in temperature throughout the year. The reefs and kelp forests that populate the cliffs and ridges around the city provide fertile agriculture, attracting a host of marine animals and other creatures.
187,843 (95% Triton, 5% Other)
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