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The Shaking Sea is filled with many wonders, but none can compare to Lemuria, the expansive kingdom of the Triton. The oldest continuous sovereign state in Meranthis, Lemuria claims dominion over several island chains in the Shaking Sea and a large expanse of land beneath the waves. Ruled by the Coral King Nerus, Lemuria is a land that seldom sees outsiders and few Triton travel beyond its borders. Nevertheless, it plays an important part in the world, defending the rest of Meranthis from the terrible horrors that lurk in the depths and standing a vigilant guard over the Current.


Lemuria rests in the southern Shaking Sea, its surface islands bordering the coast of the city-state Khorlath Agnum to the west, while Cinderhearth and the True Kingdom make up its northern coastal border. The archipelago of the Broken Islands sits as its southern neighbor, the only other populated islands in the Shaking Sea. Its underwater domains span a distance eclipsed only by the True Kingdom and Damalith, and its here that Triton society truly flourishes.
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