The great spire city of the elves, Silhathen was the first city built in Elderwyld. It rests in the canopy of the great trees, stretching high up into the sky, and makes up a significant portion of the eastern forest. It is home to some of the greatest mages in Meranthis, and mere sight of its great golden spires can inspire awe in the younger races.


As the largest city in Elderwyld, Silhathen’s population is comprised mostly of elves, high elves counting the greatest ratio of the three elven peoples. Wood elves are the second most populous, helping to tend to the care of the trees and foliage, followed by a small, but defined dark elf community that assist in tending to the dead and burial grounds. Gnomes make up the largest non-elf group to live within the city walls, while a number of other feyfolk, including firbolg, have found a home amongst their elven cousins.   While some may think a civilization as old as the elves to be largely devoid of crime, they are not immune to a reality of life. Minor crimes such as theft and vandalism are rare, but old grudges between the three elven branches cannot be entirely washed away, and the occasional assault or murder is known to happen. Because of the unique way elves store their memories, smugglers who specialize in transporting memories of arcane knowledge to black market dealers have found a unique market worth pursuing.


The Elf Queen Sariel rules Elderwyld from her seat in Silhathen, within the great silver tower known as the Spire of Stars. A small council of advisors helps to oversee the kingdom’s affairs, and representatives of the wood elves and dark elves are present in the court to speak for their respective peoples. Though tenuous at times, Elf Queen Sariel is a dedicated ruler and even the most reluctant of dark elf cannot deny she keeps the Elderwyld prosperous.


Silhathen’s great spires stretch across a sizeable area of the tree canopies in eastern Elderwyld, with various bridges and walkways connecting the various parts of the city. Many of the smaller buildings and spires are situated on rotundas built around the large trunks of Elderwyld’s great trees. The forest itself is rather temperate, though Silhathen tends to be slightly colder on average, given its height above the base of the trees.

Large city
49,627 (92% Elven, 6% Gnome, 2% Other)
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