An ancient and magical realm, Elderwyld is the forest kingdom of the Elvenkind. It is the largest continuous forest in all of Meranthis, and few truly know everything that dwells beneath the eaves of the trees, save for perhaps the oldest of the elves. The forest is home to the three branches of Elvenkind, each living in a separate part of the forest. The high elves live in the great towers of Silhathen, the capital of Elderwyld, high into the canopy. The wood elves live in the various tree-cities that dwell among the branches, though some remain in Silhathen. And within the roots of the great trees, inside caverns and labyrinths, live the dark elves.   In the present age, Elderwyld is home not only to the elves, but also to a fair number of denizens from the Feywild, including the firbolg, humble caretakers of nature, and the gnomes, a curious race of feyfolk uplifted by the elves after they were discovered living in burrows beneath the trees. Both peoples live in harmony, while some gnomes have come to live within the tree-cities and Silhathen itself. The elves appreciate the gnomes’ fey connection, while the gnomes enjoy the company of the ethereal elves.   Elderwyld is not without its troubles, as the three branches of elves still hold ancient grudges based around the Dwindling curse thousands of years ago. The high elves and dark elves still squabble over who is to blame, while the wood elves have remained neutral, though some have chosen one side or another. The Elf Queen Sariel is a steadfast ruler, though as a high elf, some dark elves follow her reluctantly. The Shadowfell also threatens to encroach upon the sanctity of the forest.


Elderwyld’s geography consists primarily of the forest itself, though the Isles of the Sun and Moon are considered part of the kingdom. The Long River separates Elderwyld from the True Kingdom to the north and the Border Marches to the south, while its eastern border is the Eternal Sea. The forest itself is filled with winding roots and burrows at the base of many of the trees.

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