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Border Marches

The Border Marches is the name for the fertile and diverse lands of central Meranthis. It is here that the numerous city-states that did not pledge themselves to the True Kingdom following the War of Sovereigns exist, and holds the third largest human population. There is no single ruler of the Border Marches, and each of the city-states maintains its own form of governance, though each maintains some contact with the others, in the case where cooperation is needed.


The Border Marches is a varied land. The mountains known as the Dragon’s Teeth and rocky highlands comprise the western part of the realm, while rolling plains and forested woodlands make up the eastern lands. The Long River makes up the northern border, separating the Border Marches from Cinderhearth, the True Kingdom, and Elderwyld. Skyholm sits on the eastern border, and Damalith is the Marches only southern border.
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