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  The eight continent of Earth. A mysterious land in the south Atlantic 6823 kilometers from west Africa (Cape Verde, Senegal), 7895 kilometers form (Ponta Do Seixas, Brazil) and 4336 kilometers form Antarctica (Ekströms Ice Shelf and Atka Bay, Queen Mauds Land). The continent we now knows as Bountyland was discovered on two separate occasions the northern part in 1598 by the Scottish explorer Bounty Bountgommery MacBounty, who the continent was named after, and the southern part named Marzipanerland in 1796 by the Habsburgian Corvette Captain Dick Spritzer. It wasn't until 1985 it was clear that Bountyland and Marzipanerland were the same landmass.  

Regions (from north to south)

  • Yo-Ho Archipelago
  • Bountyburn Creak
  • Northern Bountyland
  • Southern Bountyland
  • West Coral Islands
  • Marzipanen Islands and Sprizen Bay (Marzipanerland)

Countries and states

  • Free Booty Republic (capital Booty Crack)
  • Pirate Islands
  • Marzipanenland (capital Spritzenburg)

Urban Areas

Bountyland is extremely sparkly populated by humans. The most populated areas the Marzipanen Islands and Spritzen Bay in the south and the Bountyburn Creak area in the north.  


  • Booty Crack, Bountyburn Creak
  • Spritzenburg, Spritzen Bay


  • Marzipanenburg, Marzipanen Islands


  • Candyfloss, Soth Bountyland


Bountland is a wast area of land with a great variation of environments and ecosystems. The most distinguishing feature of Bountyland that sets the continent apart from other continents are the Bubblegum Forest. Its a great forest covering climate zones from tropical rainforest in the north to boreal type of vegetation in the south. Bubblegum forest is estimated to be approximately six times as big as the Amazon in Soth America. Through the forest flows the might Bubblegum Groẞ River, the worlds largest river.

Localized Phenomena

The Great Goldfish Migration

The migration of the Migrating Goldfish from the West Coral Sea to the fjords of northern Greenland is an occurrence that happens every seventh year. Great shoals of goldfish gathers in the West Coral Sea during February every seventh year and takes to the air and flies north to spawn and lay their eggs.   The migration is a sight to behold, but it is problematic for shipping and aviation. The last goldfish migration was in 1995, while the biggest goldfish migration recorded occurred in 1890.    

Bountyland Base Map Image

Alternative Name(s)
Groẞmarzipanenland, Dick Spritzer Land
Included Organizations

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