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Bounty Bountgommery MacBounty

(a.k.a. Redshank MacBounty and Honest Bounty)

Bounty Bontgommery MacBounty was a Scottish merchant, faux beard runner, privateer and explorer of the 16th and 17th centuries, that operated from Dundee, Scotland and Bountyburn (today Booty Crack), Bountyland.


by Walgab


MacBounty discovered new uncharted lands when his ship was blown off course by a storm on his way to Tangiers, Iberian Union (today Marocco). He named This new land Bountyland after himself. Realising Bountylands strategic location and its potential as a safe harbour during smuggling and privateering operations he founded the small settlement Bountyburn from where he explored the nerby area.   When MacBounty sailed back Home he left half of his crew and a cannon named Maw-Kenna under the command of his nephiew Barney MacGee (that unfortenatly got eaten by a giant snake shortly after). MacBounty use Bountyland and Bountyburn as a base for his endewors for over a decade.  

Trouble in Tangiers

  One unfortunate late night in 1607 in the shadier part of Tangiers, a buissness meeting involving false beard smugglers and pirates goes wrong and Bounty Bountgommery MacBounty is stabbed to death. It is said that the situation was caused by an argument over the price of prime cammel hair faux beards.    
by Walgab

Bounty Bountgommery MacBounty


Date of Birth
13th of April
Date of Death
23rd of February
1555 1607 52 years old
Circumstances of Death
Stabbed to death by Berber beard smugglers.
Bountybroch, Fife, Scotland
Place of Death
Tangiers, Iberian Union (today Marocco)
Roman Catholic
Known Languages
Bounty Bountgommery MacBountys native language was Scots. But he was also fluent in: 
  • Scottish Gaelic
  • Irish 
  • Pirate
  • Pourtoguese
He could also understand and converse in:

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