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Clydisha People

The free roaming people of Hubica, the Clydisha people rejected the belief in the Draconic Denary long ago, choosing instead to worship their own gods. They are often rejected by most places of civilisation and live in the wilderness and fringes of society.

Naming Traditions

Unisex names

Almost all Clydisha names are considered unisex, from nature, their history, or names they heard in passing from other peoples.

Family names

Clydisha don't take family names, instead referring to themselves as the child of their parents.


Major language groups and dialects

While they have their own language, with variations within each tribe, almost all Clydisha speak the language of the areas that they inhabit.

Common Etiquette rules

It is common etiquette to leave the land, and other people no worse than when you found it - if not better if posible.

Common Dress code

Most Clydisha dress in hand woven clothes or clothes made from hides. Their clothes are more practical than fashionable - though jewellery is often worn along with other decorative additions in order to show personal style as well as a sort of fashion.

Funerary and Memorial customs

Clydisha people burn the bodies of their dead almost as soon as they die and after the fire is burnt out they bury most of the bones in the ground, with the finger bones being turned into necklace charms for the family of the deceased.


Beauty Ideals

Like most aspects of their culture, the beauty ideals of the Clydisha are the same for all genders. Long hair, dark 'war-paint' like makeup, and tattoos are often seen throughout these people.

Gender Ideals

As indicated by their naming customs, the Clydisha are a highly unisex people, with little to no emphasis being placed on one's gender.

Relationship Ideals

Relationships are built on loyalty and reliability. Whether it be familial, friendly, or romantic, all Clydisha relationships are built around the ability to rely on the other person - even with your life.

Parent ethnicities
Languages spoken
Significant presence in

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