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Pengorbanan budak

Pengorbanan budak is a slave trader and the lord of Pavic. He's been in the slave trading business for over 40 years and has gained quite the reputation because of it.   Pengorbanan rules the slave trading business with an iron fist, enforcing his ways unto the profession and heavil punishing anyone who dares stray from it. He's a very charismatic person, but even in his finest of speeches his tone carries a certain edge. Almost as if he's still unhappy about the current state of affairs at all times.     The slave trading empire he's running has been a part of Harf for centuries. The slaves sold are exclusively half-orcs as this race has existed as nothing but slaves for the same furation that the slave trading empire has existed. The half-orcs were enslaved after they lost the war for territory against Harf (the person) when the country was formed, leading to generations of enslavement at the hands of nobles. After all that time the half-orcs have forgotten how to exist with any form of autonomy as they are completely unaware of how to procure food and lodging for themselves. The indenturement goes to such a length that the half-orcs aren't even aware of the existance of money and, as a result, are completely oblivious to how the economy functions.     Pengorbanan was not always set on being the lord of the slave trade. In his earlier years he could once be found in the same office he works in every day in the present, just on the other side of the desk. He was not a slave however, he was a naive adventurer with sugar-coated morals pointing his blade at the throat of the previous slave trade lord, threatening to kill him if he didn't set the entire race free. After the previous lord refused he killed him. But Pengorbanan soon realised that he could not set the slaves free, as he would only be sending them off to their inevitable deaths. With the entire race incapable of caring for themselves they wouldn't have even been able to survive a week without a master, but he couldn't just educate an entire race on the fly. Even more troubling was the fact that he had just killed the previous lord and was thus not in a good position to direct the other employees of the slave trading empire to educate the half-orcs for him. Nevertheless he was able to obtain a high position of power within the empire since the previous lord was now dead, but he was not able to enact any new policies on how to handle the slaves. Not only did the other slavers distrust him, they would not willingly allow some newcomer to change their way of working to completely sabotage the trade.   From this experience Pengorbanan learned that, while violence can seem like a quick solution to a problem it often leads to nothing but hatred and often doesn't even solve the problem in the first place. Rather, in order to change something for the better, one needs to be selfless enough to be able to cast their own morals and ideals aside and join even the devil himself to change the problem from the inside. To slowly manipulate the environment towards the direction it should go with a lot of political pressure from within.   However even though Pengorbanan learned this, he was not able to put it into practice immediately. Due to his forceful method of aquiring the status of slave trade lord many other slavers were skeptical of his status and some even attempted to overthrow him. Before he would be able to steer the direction of the empire the way he wanted he needed to build up a certain level of trust and respect.   This resulted in him having to stick by the same regime that sickened him to the core for decades. One simple misstep in his plan, the one second in which he thrust his blade into the throat of the previous lord, cost him decades to recover from. He was biding his time however, determined not to cause more issues with impatience, waiting for the opportune moment to slowly and carefully start enacting new policies that were to the benefit of the half-orcs.  At first he only started with a broadened education for the half-orcs, stating that it would increase their value as slaves if they were able to perform certain tasks of moderate complexity without having to bother their master for every step. And while the change was slow, he was eventually able to enact policies that strictly screened every potential customer to ascertain whether they would be a danger to the slaves or not. This drastically increased not only the living conditions of the slaves but also their survivability.   Pengorbanan still dreams of the day where he can tell all the half-orcs that they have regained their autonomy, however he's also keenly aware that there is a good chance he will not live to see that day. Instead he'll await patiently for the next naive adventurer to show up, to claim that they are righteous and to point a blade at his throat. He'll welcome them, guide their blade even, so long as he's able to convey the mistake he made in the past. As long as he's able to get the one who will eventually murder him to understand that change is something that takes time, hard work, and sacrifices. Only then will he gladly accept death, as punishment for his sins.     DM notes: Pengorbanan is designed as a decently big bad guy for the party, but not in the traditional sense. He's specifically designed to be a moral foil, since his acts are so easily seen as purely evil but are truly grounded in the reality of the situation.

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