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List of words used in common vernacular. Work in progress, still contains inspiration threads.  

Allachas a mountain range which runs north-south in the east whose eastern slopes run downward into a great ravine.
Amerite/Amerites the rest of the population. From the Spanish ameritar meaning to merit.
Decatano/Decaten Remtelen slang for Amerites. From the word decadent and meaning those that live in the shadow and squalor of their own collapsed society without redemption.
Despano/Despan Remtelen. Fate-companion or destiny collaborator. Used to describe the relationship between people that find themselves brought together and sometimes trapped into collaborating by circumstances beyond anyone's control.
Dexile/s Amerite slang for the Remtelen. From desert exile and meaning the same but suggesting decendants of criminals or people expelled from Amerite society.
Juxtalar/Juxtalen the gregaroius after people, from juxtapose and dweller. Meaning dwelling alongside.
Luvil ruin of the ancients sacred to the Juxtalen
Mangrel/s Amerite slang for the Juxtalen. From mongrel and meaning creature of undefinable decent but probably humanish.
Nulouvil Town of Juxtalen Gritglint tribe
Remtelar/Remtelen the antisocial dwellers of remote places, from remote and the prefix tele-. Meaning far away from everyone else and themselves.
Slag Amerite slang for anything of no worth or harmful to keep in particular sapient beings.
Toriburgh Town of Amerites, built of scavenged and salvaged materials founded in New Era 2458 by Brenerr Golphano who proclaimed himself the first Watermaster.
Utori/Utoren Juxtalen slang for the Amerites. From Japanese Stories and meaning subhuman filth people.

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