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Other names are "One Twenty-one," "Twelve-One" and in some places it may be called "Dough-Decka."   Played with 12 sided dice, the goal is to be the first person to reach a total of 121 points. Two dice are rolled. The roller can choose to add both dice to their total or subtract the smaller die from the larger and subtract the result from their total. Doubles are always added to the total and the roller rolls again. The exception is when the roller is 12 points or less from 121 and a 12 and a 1 are rolled. In this case the roller simply wins the match on the spot.   There are a variety of ways to bet on a game of 121. Players may wager at the start of each round, leaving the game if they feel their luck has abandoned them, or they don't have enough money to wager. There may only be an ante each round with a final wager once a player reaches a certain number of points. Another way is to bet each round for highest total rolled while still placing bets for the final pot.   A few variations of 121 have become popular. Players may keep track of points for a certain number of games, usually 12, and the winner is the player closest to 1452. Another popular option is for each player to write down a number of their choice between 1 and 12, keeping the number secret, but in plain view, such as on a piece of paper which is placed upside down. This number is the player's secret exit and acts as a second die total, if after a roll the player's total is less than or greater than their secret number from 121, they win the match.   121 has also become a drinking game. When a player rolls a 12 on either die, they take a drink. When any player rolls doubles, everyone else takes a drink. On double 1's the roller has to buy a round. On double 12's everyone has to finish their drink. It is the custom that anyone passing out loses the game in progress and everyone else must finish thier drinks.

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