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The Night's Watch

Hidden in every society are a few individuals who protect the unaware masses against the things that go bump into the night. These are the witchhunters of the Night's Watch, an ancient vigilante order which has protected the world since time immemorial. The Night's Watch is not affiliated any government, as many of the monsters they hunt have nestled themselves into high society, but has been known the favour and trust of rules who they have saved. However the destructive habits in combination with the corruption of said vile creatures has made the Night's Watch just as many enemies.


The witchhunters of the Night's Watch almost exclusively work independently of each other, although big cities might have locally governed chapters with up to 10 individuals. Only when they are summoned by the Night Mother do they come together. The Night Mother is an mysterious individual who acts as a defacto leader of the Night's Watch. No one known exactly who they are, but most know that the Night Mother has always been around and recognise the Night Mother's seal when they see it.


Members of the Night's Watch are highly superstitious as their lives are mostly held together by luck and the favour of the gods. To keep this favour they usually wear at least one holy symbol of each god on their person and as many good luck charms as they can realistically hold without limiting their combat capabilities. The witchhunters prefer to hunt with ranged weapons such as bows, crossbows, and guns, for they believe that any prolonged close combat with the wicked will corrupt them as well. The ammunition for their weapons are treated with salt and holy water as these will let their ammo burn into the flesh of the creatures of evil.  

Initiation rites

Only few people are conducted into the ranks of the witchhunters in order to keep a low profile. And those who are must either be related by blood or have lost everything they know and love to the forces of evil. To proof themselves they have to hunt a evil creature all by themselves and bring back proof. Most initiates die during this task, proofing that they weren't suitable for the Night's Watch, but those who return are taken to a sacred site. Here they are given a special concoction which magically enhances their bodies, extending their natural life and giving them increased vitality/

To fight the darkness with bow, and cross, and gun

Secret, Military

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