The Talking Dog

"You look like you've got the world on your shoulders. Come, take a seat, have a drink, relax awhile." ~ Axel .

 The Talking Dog is the first, and also the oldest, tavern on all of Baq'dour. Built during the Age of Unrest, soon after humans first arrived on the island of Calgora. It's builder, Issan, knew that the settlers would need a place to gather, especially on their return from sea travel. For the most part of it's history it has remained in Issan's family, right up until 1807 when his great, great, great grandson lost it in a game of cards. From there on it remained in the Jorgonson family for seven generations right up until Ey'dor passed away, though his adopted son, Axel  took over.
Pub / Tavern / Restaurant


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