Species: Baq'ian
Tribe/Clan: Tiger, Half Breed 
Physical Appearance: Human form - Muscular, scar running down his left cheek. Wears leather bracers, loose linen shirts that are usually white and baggy black jeans. Dark copper hair with black streaks (usually dyed copper), amber eyes. Tiger form - scar on cheek is still visible. 
Gender: Male
Height: 6'8" (Human), 7'5" (Tiger)
Fur Colour: Dark copper with black stripes
Eye Colour: amber
Age: 42
Abilities: -
Family: Unknown
History: Axel has no memory of his parents. He was kidnapped by pirates at a young age and raised as a slave amongst them. Being a Half Breed he is both looked down upon as a lesser being but also feared. 
  Axel never took well to sea life, so the captain left him at the Talking Dog which was owned, at the time, by one of his most trusted companions, Ey'dor. Ey'dor was different than other humans Axel had met and treated the Half Breed like a son, teaching him how to become a bar tender and even officially adopted him when he was 10 years old. Any patron that bullied him, if they found out what he was, was thrown out. Regulars came to know and love Axel as he was always eager to get them whatever they wanted, serving them well. 
   At 21, Ey'dor became ill and Axel took over as owner and proprietor of the Talking Dog, and has been ever since. He remains in his human form at all times, only allowing his Tiger to be revealed when fights occur, which are quick to fizzle out at this point. Strangers that cause trouble are asked to leave, whilst patrons are watched closely, though are usually quick to apologise and back down.


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