Session 05: Epilogue

General Summary

With the cryptic, single word page in their possession and the prospect of immediate payment presented to them, the two companions need to decide on next steps. They elect to take the surer thing. They will deal with the simpler matter first.     Manager’s Comments: I can’t blame them for prioritising their business in this fashion. As long as there isn’t a total disregard for the matter I put before them...     On the way to the address they were given, they stop by the ‘Shadowbox’, a shop of magic items. Can it be assumed that many of the items sold here are of marginal value or it would be stolen from continually?       A reasonably short interval passes there and in the search for the woman’s apartment. The woman is not ‘available’ or so the occupants of her rooms says. He’s remarkable in that he is evidently an off-world visitor. He doesn’t have to prove this fact as he’s a ‘werewolf’. This type is definitely not native to Axildusk. Sybermane asks for the woman. It becomes clear the ‘Were’ knows what she’s doing but he’s not going to pass on this information. Tensions quickly heighten as two speak at cross purposes. The Were is not the smartest of people and Sybermane is unmoved by the other’s potential innate magicks. When Sybermane punches the Were in the mouth, several teeth are knocked out. This is not a surprise as Sybermane is a talented bare-handed fighter nor is it surprising that the ‘were’s’ teeth grow back in after a few seconds. The lack of retaliation from a ‘were’ doesn’t strike Sybermane as odd . The conversation following this is less than conclusive.     Manager’s Comments: having read this entire report several times, it’s clear why the Canis acted as he did. Just to be clear myself, he is not the only Canis I know of with this same manner. More rarely I have come across a smarter one. These individuals are worthy of more consideration. In this regard they are not so very different from humans.         Sybermane decides to have a meal.     Manager’s Comments: as an inquiry doesn’t get answers on an empty stomach.     His favourite haunt is ‘Calvo’s Grillhouse’. Kiln is happy enough to eat as long as the local foods aren’t too strange to his palette. Little is said about the food that is brought to the table. The wine that is brought is the grill’s best. Kiln finds it better than he expected.     Manager's Comments: It might be that Shadow has imbued the drink over the years it has been casked.         Kiln has revealed a laconic nature several times already when the unexpected occurs. His reaction to imminent danger is calm, while his reaction to unworthy individuals addressing him inappropriately, is less so.     Manager’s Comments: Potential slights to his name appear to matter more than potential swipes at his frame.           The grill becomes imbued with a veil of somber Red light. At the same time there is the sound of fear comingled with snarls of creatures. Sybermane heads to the kitchen where the noises are the loudest. There he sees a handful of lupine Weres dealing abruptly with the kitchen staff. Sybermane wastes no breath on pleasantries but sets to dealing with these foreigners as efficiently as he can. Most are dealt with, hoof versus paw. One he deals a more serious blow to with his augur horn projection.         With drink finished and the prospect of another glass weighed and found wanting compared to understanding the nature of the fray, Kiln uses his ‘stuff and senses through this, that the source of the Red emanation is upstairs. His movements to the room above elicit no response from the two watchers of the main dining room. Either they are too absorbed in the ongoing fracas in the kitchen or too preoccupied with watching the entrances.     Manager’s Comments: As Kiln had only just stopped drinking, meaning his helm was off, it is far more likely his strange drowsing appearance made the two ‘minders’ watching the room, decide to look the other way. They likely don’t know what he is but they’d know a fair deal of what he is not. As Black is the Great Unknown so too are those who dare the touch of the Black. In the same manner that Sybermane moves with relative freedom, you can expect Kiln to receive the same distinction.       Upstairs a door left partially open reveals the source of the crimson veil as well as a conversation between two individuals. Kiln moves along a tangleform of ‘stuff to eavesdrop. From this new vantage he moves behind the more interesting of two conversationalists: a rakashahasa. The other is the same Canis, Sybermane had spoken with earlier.     Manager’s Comments: Kiln’s abilities are startlingly intact so far. Either he is to manage the realmic transference with grace or his issues are yet to be witnessed. Shadow is not the same as he knew it. I remain equivocal on his chances to be unchanneled.       What Kiln hears leads him to believe the canis is the underlying servant of the felixan. He lashes out at the Rakshshasa and a struggle begins. In this fight, both combatants reveal interesting styles and techniques. The felixan uses conjured cobras capable of spitting. These are produced from one of two over-sized boxes worn on his hips. Kiln strikes out with hands that are weaponless but not empty of threat. There is a caste effect that features in his attacks. The rakshahasa winds up favouring his left knee and right elbow from two of these strikes. The nearest aspect I can ascribe to this would be some of the Green wanlight castings. They have the debilitating nature about them that was seen here.     Manager’s Comments: I will provide a debriefing regarding the Drowse and their Realm-Old abilities. It is enough to say that your description will do, however off target it is. Kiln has shown me that he was truly of the Shadow path prior to the Inundation. This affords him different paths than those of __________ (term removed).         The struggle downstairs is resolved in Sybermane’s favour, while the resolution upstairs might well be heading to the same side of the ledger. In the upper floor’s case the rakshahasa sues for terms and Kiln agrees to leave off. The two then talk about what should be done about the situation. Sybermane arrives to add his opinion. Throughout this discussion the two companions are often made aware of,Kathedauk’s the rakshahasa’s, potential resources to hand: his second ‘box of tricks’, his necklace comprised of large Cailin beads and his “loredstaff”.     Manager’s Comments: Kathedauk again! As he is a shadowcaster I understand his continued trips here but there is much to Axildusk yet he only comes to Atrix. His last two visits have left the city in chaos but not the worthy kind. Could he be after information that leads to Benedict? Kathedauk’s schedule does not suit my own need. He will need to be considered. See that Sybermane and Kiln are sent reinforcement to contain this rakshahasa’s influence.         An agreement to work together is arrived at. For their part, Kiln and Sybermane have little to lose. There is the suggestion that Kathedauk will bring leads about the Nine to Kiln. The two groups part ways amicably enough. The conversation has also revealed that the attack and the ‘weres’ involved are not were at all but Canis of Tebbaren. The reason for this subterfuge is not readily understood.     Manager’s Comments: Sometimes a ruse is worth taking the effort to employ even when it is not necessary. Future events can make such trickery a useful way of clouding the terrain. It may provide an alternate version of the truth that serves to allow an individual enough room to forge an escape or disengagement. The rakshahasa shows me his ‘stripes’ in this needless artifice. Make sure that my artifice is better concealed.         After the companions depart, the Canis is dejected by his followers' showing against Sybermane. The rakshahasa bolsters the other's spirit by asking him to plan an assault using “all at our disposal”. The Canis is delightedly surprised at this command. Kathedauk explains that they are close to the answer they seek and “these two meddlers are directly in the way.” The Canis leaves. He travels across the Fer de Lance river and into Zombyland. In a tenement there he directs a gathering of cohort strength to meet at the White Cat tavern but to do so, “... in the skulk and sidle.” This command is met with a few yips and other cheers and the leader of Canis leaves in a optimistic manner.     Manager’s Comments: Good. Make the necessary available. Nothing too overwhelming but allow for the Black. Initiate the ‘Follower’.

Starting at Shadows
Report Date
21 Feb 2019
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