Session 03: Epilogue

Cadavivva and the Individual

General Summary

With the day turning to night, Sybermane makes out that two Ghosts are looking for him. This meeting results in all three being present when a sole vessel arrives piloted by a Crowbar named, Xere. He reveals that he hopes he has arrived in time. This is a confusing statement but is soon made sense of when a singular tremor is felt through the ground and air. This Xere explains is the arrival of an invading Cadavivva ship, crew yet to be known, that intend to make off with something from the PCI factories across the river.   Sybermane determines this is the place to go to, not only for the reason stated but also to get a feel for the place, as he has already engaged the tradesman to create an underground tunnel to the PCI location.     The Cadavivva vessel hovers above the PCI complex as they approach the front entrance. It is soon revealed that Cadavivva are the 'undeathly'. He and Xere arrive, make their way inside and see a couple of squads of Cadavivva archers being deployed in the complex's quadrangle. They are seen and must use their skills to remain unwounded. Sybermane is able to use the communications tendrils of a console to reach survivors who are located deeper within the buildings. A man among these survivors, known as a 'charter' is sent to find Sybermane and his companion and return them to the others, who number eighteen persons. When he arrives, this charter turns out to be some form of caster, whose power is focused through a disc-shaped attenuator, called a 'plaucer'. With this, the charter directs Sybermane's next attacks, outlining a target that needs dealing with. Sybermane truly doesn't need the help but the fact that the charter has this facility impresses the quinnial 'inquirer'.   As they make their way to the survivors, they view an increase in the Cadavivva forces in the quadrangle. These are different from the archers and are led by some sort of leader of the undeathly. He is clearly directing the other Cadavivva with a series of vocal commands. Yet another instance detailing the level of ability the undeathly hordes seem to possess. Sybermane reaches the PCI survivors and begins to lead them to an exit dedscribed as being across the street from the compound's boundaries. this is to be reached by accessing an underground exit tunnel.   Taking the lead, they find a few sets of guards. These are different again from the Cadavivva they have so far seen. Most certainly, these are of Zomb as they are dressed in armour and arms of that Mainstay World. They are set to be guarding the exit but prove no real match for Sybermane. Soon, his party reaches a point that is clearly safe only for he and Xere to proceed into. There the two mortals find the leader of at least a portion of the Cadavivva invasion force. He too, is obviously originally a mortal of Zomb and reveals this from both his garb and equipment, as well as declaring this to be so, when Sybermane suggests it! He is an odd sort, at once menacing and simple. Chaos has taken his mind but the is still held fast by a vicious ambition which flames to life, when Xere and Sybermane convince him that they are both available to act as his agents on Axildusk. That he agrees to this odd agreement must show that the Cadavivva are free to act in their own self-interest, as well as proving that they can rise within the rankings of this strange undeathly society. Sybermane has begun to see that despite its peculiar, simple appearance, the Cadavivva may have more depth to it than most would realise.   Not the least piece of knowledge they glean from the Cadavivva leader is that the vessel's presence here is a result of it being part of a larger effort to invade all the Mainstay Worlds. This massive incursion is powered mainly by a group he names, the Y'rszend. Unlike the Zomb vessel above the city, this larger fleet of invasion ships, do not possess the ability to transport into Axildusk. For this reason the Zomb ship was sent as the shadow motor that they seek from the PCI complex, may have this particular ability. If it proves to be true that this experimental engine can traverse the verge of this world, then little else in the way of stellar barriers will be proof against the Y'rszend armada.   The two heroes reach an uneasy understanding with the Cadavivva warrior and are allowed to escape with the survivors unhurt. Sybermane can't be sure how this undeathly soldier will drive this new arrangement but he does know how it will be told to him and Xere. The Cadavivva gives each of them a piece of his armour which allows communication within a single plane. Most useful as Xere has indicated he must return for a time to the 'Vanishing Point'. This being the edge of Axildusk, where vessels can leave the world by mundane means.   Sybermane rests. He has much to digest.

Character(s) interacted with

Xere -- Crowbar Soldier
Starting at Shadows
Report Date
12 Aug 2018
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